AHTS «Normann» and AHTS «Pomor» successfully completed the third navigational season of ice-breaking escorting of tankers in Tatar Straight


Ice-breaking AHTS «Normann» and «Pomor» have finished the navigational season in Tatar Straight during which both vessels provided ice-breaking escorting to oil tankers of the charterer along the sea coast of Khabarovskiy Krai. In total 59 ice-breaking escorts have been performed, including 23 tandem escorts where both vessels worked simultaneously. Tankers were going from the South until Cape Krasniy Partizan to meet with ice-breaker «Novorossiysk» who escorted them until the latitude of Cape Syurkum where tankers were taken by «Normann» and «Pomor» as per special procedure, who then escorted them to the point of loading through the heaviest ice.